Ceremony Music

Prelude: Welcome music for your guests before the ceremony begins. This usually begins about 15 minutes before the ceremony. 

Processional: The formal entrance of family, the wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, etc), the groom(s) and the bride(s). *Slow, romantic songs work great for this!

Recessional: The formal exit of family, the wedding party, and the bride(s) & groom(s). *Something upbeat and fun is great for the recessional!

*I recommended three songs for a full ceremony: (1) family & party's formal entrance, (2) the bride's grand entrance and (3) the recessional

Reception Music

Cocktail Hour/Dinner: Kick back and relax because - hey, you're married! While you take pictures or enjoy drinks and dinner with your friends and family, I will perform a specially curated playlist to create the perfect vibe for your celebration. 

Special Dances: Want to do something special for your first dance? I'd love to play for you! Pick "your song" or a song that you love to dance to and I will introduce you in style as you take the floor for the very first time as a married couple. Special dance ideas: Newlyweds, Father/Daughter, and Mother/Son

Special Song Requests

I'll work with you to pick the perfect songs for your ceremony, first dances, etc. I'm happy to learn any special songs for you (if I don't already know them). Or if you'd rather leave it up to me, that works too! I know how important music is, and I want to make sure your day is everything you dreamed and more.

My specialties are pop, indie-folk, soul/r&b, and jazz but I love all genres of music! Click "HERE" for my song list to get you started brainstorming!